MT1300 power

Can anyone tell me if I can use this to power my MT1300?

From the product description, it will probably work. Anker is a reputable brand and I have their products.

Since you will buy from Amazon, you can easily return for full refund.

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I have something similar that I use on my desktop.

  1. The Beryl has a 3 amp power supply, but I don’t think it needs that much unless stuff is plugged into the USB port. The Anker is limited to 2.4 (or 2.1) so it should be enough.
  2. Purely as a personal preference, I don’t like the chargers with a long cord. For packing, I prefer the ones with a fold out plug. But the opposite is true: they can be useful if the plug is behind a sofa. Think about really short USB charging cables.
  3. Seems kinda pricey and this is old technology. I think the world is moving to USB C PD.
  4. This does have the advantage that it doesn’t interrupt the power when negotiating connections.

My experience with MT1300 is that you only need to provide it the QC 3.0 charger with a quality cable, it works stable and never go wrong for me…

My QC 3.0 (with PPS) charger provide the following charging mode:
Max 18W / 3.6V-6.5V/3A, 6.5V-9V/2A, 9V-12V/1.5A

Think about the USB Port … If you attach a Phone/Tablet for tethering, the device will need power, too.

The product page GL-MT1300 / Beryl - GL.iNet says:

Power Input Type-C, 5V/3A
Power Consumption <8.65W

8.65Watt/5Volt=1.75A … So there is 1.25W to charge any device at the USB port, if the beryl is at max power consumption.
If you don’t need to attach anything at USB, it should be fine.

Thanks for all the replies. It made me realize the old charger I posted will not longer work for my trip as below is what my family will travel with.

3 ipad 9th gen usb c
1 ipad 8th gen usb c
1 iphone xs usb c
1 iphone 11 usb c
1 apple watch series 4 usb
1 apple watch series 7 usb c

If I went with 2 of these would that work for the Beryl as well?

Assume even on the USB A port the Beryl would have whatever max draw it would need?

That one should work a lot better. The upsides are PD charging (their version), 4 ports, easy packable shape, and a 5 foot detachable cord. The downsides are that cord, only 65 watt, only 2 USBC ports, so PD on the 2 USBA ports is up in the air and you only have one USBA device. PD devices interrupt the power (and reboot the router) when you plug in a new thing, and it would be worth while to try and find out if the USBA ports interrupt power when something is plugged in to the USBC ports.

I would suggest you also have a look at something like this: gan charger 100w. The upside is 100w, 3 USBC ports, no cord. There are some like this that also have EU/A/US/UK adapters included.

Think also about getting only one to try out and traveling with the original Beryl power supply. You have enough devices needing constant charging.

Thanks elorimer. Do you know if a similar gan charger similar to the one you provided a link for that would have a cord? The ones I’ve found have been pretty pricy…at least up here in Canada.

For that, I thought some dumb extension cord. This stuff is changing real fast, and now we are up to GaN III with 130 or 200w power! I had the feeling that all of the various brands are made by the same company.