MT1300 Wi-Fi problem

Installed the official version of openwrt on the beryl router.
Everything works except Wi-Fi.
How can I fix the wifi?

You need to log into Luci and turn on the wifi. In OpenWRT is it disabled as default.

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I started wifi and set the region to PL. It still didn’t help. Could you please personally install OpenWRT on the mt1300 and see if it works for you?

Only the GL firmware is supported, if you have any issues with Vanilla OpenWRT you need to write on their forums.

If someone wants to help us, please participate in this thread.

I am sad that the GL.Inet team is not active on the OpenWRT git. This error prevents this router from functioning normally under openwrt. If it could be removed, it would finally be fully operational Openwrt implementation.

I checked and I have the same problem. The dual band wifi should be a problem of wifi driver.

But I asked the developer to have a check of the 5G wifi.

Is there any update on this (I know it’s only 6 days ago :wink: )

I did make my own build too, with imagebuilder (vanilla Openwrt Snapshot) But wifi speed is really slow and not very reliable in repeatermode.

When I use the original firmware, there is no issue, so it seems to be a wifi driver related issue.

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I am also very curious

Sorry but no update. I assume that this will be difficult.

Is it possible to simply use one frequency, e.g. 5 GHz? I prefer to use only 5Ghz rather than completely without wifi.

Open source 5G wifi is working but very low speed.

Could you please specify at what real speed it works? I mean iperf3.

Could you also tell me how to get the 5 GHz working? I tried and the only working ones I set were the ones that work from a maximum distance of 40 cm

I think you are more precise. Just don’t have resource to invest on the open source wifi driver.

I understand. Thank you very much for the good products.