MT1300 WPA-Enterprice on repeatermode?

Is there any way I can use wpa-enterprice on repeatermode? On luci of cli is fine for me. But I seem not to be able to get it working. On the default firmware you can only fill in a password for repeater access.

On vanilla OpenWrt snapshot it’s working, but then the wifi is not working properly because of driver issues.

Sorry MT1300 does not connect to EAP wifi in the default firmware.

Can I add this by making my own firmare with imagebuilder?

And if yes, what packages I need to add?

You cannot. The wifi driver from MTK does not support that.

Open source wifi driver does not work well.

So for MT1300 and MT300N-V2, they do not support EAP.

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ok thanks for the heads up. That makes things clear.