Mt2500 4.4.6 - wan doesn't establish connection if I don't connect something to the lan port

Found this weird behavior since December 2023

I unplug my wireless ap from my2500’s lan port, then reboot the mt2500, its wan will not connect and hence gets no internet

Plug the wireless ap (powered) back to the lan port, reboot the mt2500, it then gets online and everything

It didn’t happen to my other mt2500a, but that mt2500a suddenly died last week while rebooting

I just had a similar issue with my Brume 2 after I updated to the beta version 4.5.0R6. The next morning the LED was flashing because the WAN port was not connecting to my network switchport. My issue turned out to be physical because when I wiggled the Ethernet cable on both ends, the switch side wiggle caused the connection to light up. So I replaced the Ethernet cable with another one with stronger tip clips, and the connection seems stable now. It was fine for almost a year when I installed the Brume 2 with the other Ethernet cable, but I haven’t touched the switch until recently when I was adding a new Ethernet device to it which apparently caused my problem.

Checked mine again, ports not dirty, and problem can be recreated easily