MT2500 Brume 2 - AdGuardHome - Remote APP

Hello Everyone,

I have a GL.iNet MT2500 (Brume 2) that I am very happy with.
Now I have a problem or a problem that I couldn’t solve.

I want an APP from ‎AdGuard Home Remote im App Store
But I need a direct link to access it

e.g. (or similar)

Unfortunately the admin interface then jumps to
Unfortunately, no assignment is possible in the app

You can specify a user in Adguard Home /etc/AdGuardHome/config.yaml
Unfortunately, I don’t really know how and, above all, is it even possible?

Maybe someone here can help or give you a tip

Thanks LiWe

I just tried that remote APP and found a solution finally:

Step 1:
change adguardhome to not run under glinet mode:

sed -i 's/--glinet//g' /etc/init.d/adguardhome
/etc/init.d/adguardhome restart

Step 2:
open port 3000 at Network - Firewall

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Great thank you :pray:

important for other users password should be created for the web interface

Are there any cons about decoupling AGH from the glinet mode?

Nope, glinet mode is only to use the same authentication as the router itself.
ref link : GL-Inet integration · Issue #1853 · AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome · GitHub

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How can I add a password to get it work with the app? Adguard Home itself has no option to add users…

Thank you

See here: Aguard Home Password? - #2 by admon

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Isn’t it safer to access only via LAN and use wireguard?