MT2500 global version uboot bootloader

Hi, pointers to locate Global Version MT2500 uboot bootloader will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

All uboot is the same version, do you have any problems?

Uboot bootloader currently installed is China specific. What I need is a Global version that would allow me to install firmware with VPN enabled.
Hope this is make sense.

I got the same issue, could you pleae comment how to fix it? thanks

Did you buy the chinese version after the announcement?

In that case, you will not have the chance to get VPN running from within the GL GUI.

I got the router from tmall at Feb. 2023 , I didn’t see the announcement in your tmall at that moment.

If you are familiar with the shell, you can set up your vpn through it.

Just download the packages needed for the vpn protocol you want to use and then check for an online guide for howto.

Can & has been done/corrected & GitHub is your best friend. Good luck.

I know a little bit about shell, appreciate if you can share with me the online guide to set up a openvpn client by shell on my MT2500.

could you please share with me more the github details you are saying? do you have the link of any Repo, I’d like to have a try, or drop a mail to me: removed if it can’t be discussed here.pretty much thanks.

Using CLI: [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenVPN client
Using LuCi: [OpenWrt Wiki] OpenVPN client using LuCI
Install OpenVPN on OpenWrt |

Thanks so much @SpitzAX3000 , just found I have tried the LuCI solution last night, but after my VPN enabled, all my network devices are unable to access to internet anymore. and I didn’t find any documents which looks like you shared, it is very helpful to me. thank you again.

No problem :wink: just try to get the modem connected to the vpn server. Then you can fix other issues like firewalling, dns, …etc