MT2500 VPN and AdGuard server on WAN port

I have a Brume 2 GL-MT2500, the router is attached to my main modem/router with WAN.
I would like to use the Brume 2 as VPN and AdGuard server, so this is my configuration:
Port forwarding:
port 80 (to access on brume2 web interface)
port 3000 (to view adguard setting page)
port 3053-53 (for adguard service)
port 22 (for ssh)

In order to view clients on adguard interface I added a Luci portforwarding
from wan port 53 to lan port 3053 TCP UDP

Is this a right configurations?

One more things, If i enable the option “AdGuard Home Handle Client Requests” I see in LUCI port forwarding the following forward
from lan port 53 to lan port 3053 but with the protocol “tcpudp” that Openwrt It’s not able to identify (Is this an error or a bug?), If I try to set TCP UDP the device automatically change to protocol to tcpudp

Thanks for your help,
Sorry for bad english

Maybe just try drop-in gateway mode