MT2500A maybe bricked now

I have a same issue like below URL with BRUME2 MT2500A.

I have tried to update latest firmware using UBOOT
But it is stuck on solid green led only.

BUG Uboot Debrick Router BRUME 2 GL-MT2500 - Technical Support for Routers - GL.iNet (

what should I do for it?

My experience using UBOOT on a different GL.iNet device that was failing to complete the UBOOT process was self inflicted. This probably isn’t your issue, but I thought I’d share it anyway since you never know.

I removed the USB power connection from the device where I had it installed, and used a different USB power adapter at my computer desk when trying to perform the UBOOT. The device powered up and It took the UBOOT file. The LED blinked, but it still returned to a blue LED every time so I thought the device was bricked. A few days later, I thought I’d try one more time, but this time the device performed the UBOOT just fine. It took me a few minutes to realize that this time I was using the original USB power adapter since I had removed it from where I had it installed. So even though the other USB power adapter powered the device up and UBOOT responded, apparently it didn’t have enough power to actually perform the UBOOT process.

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Thanks for your answer.
But it’s not my case.
I use genuine power brick and give enough time to upgrade.
But failed and repeat to downloading “openwrt-gl-mt2500.bin” via tftp.