MT2500A not always reestablishing DNS after VPN use

I first noticed this issue after connecting as a client using WireGuard to Private Internet Access (PIA) from an MT2500A using the latest 4.1.1 firmware, but I’ve had the same problem after connecting to a remote Flint server.

The problem materialises as follows:

  1. The internet is working fine when connected via the MT2500A wth DNS set to “Automatic”. The MT2500A uses my local DNS server (on
  2. I connect to a remote WireGuard server (PIA or the private Flint server) and again everything is working fine. A different public DNS server is used for these connections.
  3. I disconnect the VPN service and I’m no longer able to resolve DNS queries despite the DNS page of the MT2500A showing that it is on Automatic, connected to
  4. I change the DNS to “Manual” and choose a public server (OpenDNS). Everything starts working again.
  5. I change back to “Automatic” and the server switches to Everything continues working.

I haven’t had this happen universally on every occasion but it seems like the firmware isn’t always resetting DNS correctly when a WireGuard tunnel is closed down.

Any comments?

I have tested with version 4.1.1 and there is no recurrence of this problem. Do you get the same result in multiple tests?

Thanks for your reply! I’ll do that and let you know.