MT2500A runs very warm

Hello Friends:

I recently purchased & configured an MT2500A Router. Running it in Router mode and pretty much idling (doing basically nothing - I haven’t even configured VPN yet), I find the unit to run very warm.

Have others experienced this with this model?

Thank you! :blush:

MT2500A is in metal case so you’ll “feel” it hotter(great heat dissipation proven of metal) in the surface than the plastic model when touch.

It’s normal and don’t worry.

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Thank you for your reply. :blush:

And for others reading this, I do recommend paying a few extra dollars for the Aluminium case version (ie, prefer the MT2500A over the MT2500) for better heat dissipation and hopefully a longer life.

Even so, I’ll have a standby MT2500A unit ready just in case of failure. My MT2500A sits in between my LAN ( and my WAN (, and I don’t want to scramble with subnets if failure occurs. :blush: