Mt300-vn questions

Hi guys,
first of all, sorry for my poir English.
I’m gonna buy a mt300-v2 but I have two questions:

  • I saw on the openwrt site there is an available version for this router more recent (18.6) than those that I can find on gl.inet site… I would like to install that but I am afraid the gui would be different and I wouldn’t be able to install openvpn (I don’t know linux commands)… so: will ever the 18.06 firmware arrive on gl.inet site with the custom gui?
  • I have a modem/router (tp link 8960n) and a powerline which starts from it to expand the wireless signal. I need to buy mt300 just to use openvpn: can I connect it to the powerline? Does openvpn work? Or should I connect it to the modem?
  1. We do will upgrade to 18.06. But for MT300N-V2 pls wait more days. We are in holiday and the firmware is not ready yet.

  2. Yes you can connect to powerline. It is just Ethernet network.

  1. Ok, good news :slight_smile:
  2. See the photo and help me, please!
    I need to connect only my decoder box to use openvnp… I’d like others devices go on connecting by normal wireless (because I need more speed and I don’t need to use openwpn with them)…

When your smartphone connects to powerline you will have normal Internet.

When your smartphone connects to MT3ooN-V2 you will be on the vpn network.

Your TV is always on the vpn network.