MT3000 4.4.6 Rel 2 - Tailscale - Internet not working with custom exit node

I have two locations that i would like to have connectivity to. My main location has,
Internet - main router (asus) - mt3000 - ( select vpn devices)

The second location has Internet - mt1300(exit node)

I am able to connect to mt1300 as exit node directly from many devices and working fine. But from my mt3000 as a subnet router, when I connect, I do not have internet access on my devices. I am able to access the router by its IP and it is connected in the tailscale machines page - but all devices connected to the mt3000 has no internet access. If i disable to custom exit node option - i have connectivity again. How do i fix this problem?

AWESOME! this fixed it for me, Thanks so much!