MT3000 (Beryl AX) Maximum transmit power stuck at 100mW/20dBm

My Beryl AX is stuck at 100mW/20dBm but I travel to countries that 5GHz, per exemple, could be 1000mW/30dBm.

How to change the setting on Beryl AX?

I tried to see the specs using:

iw reg get

But I got an error:

nl80211 not found.

I believe that 100mw is the maximum this router can achieve. If you go over your local limits you can end up with police at your door.

I don’t think so, my old Slate GL-AR750s-ext goes to 1000mW, maybe my unit is defective?

Maybe they changed something… Power output is definitely tied to region so changing the region to whatever the old slate was might help? Unless you can find a table by gli that tells you the outputs of devices?

With my old slate, changing the country change the power outputs as well. On Beryl AX, change the country makes no difference, it’s always 100mW

Ok, I just installed the vanilla openwrt on Beryl AX and I can get much higher transmit power with this firmware:


While with GL inet firmware i’m stuck on 20dBm.

Anyone who has a Beryl can please test if you can get higher transmit power than 20dBm? I just don’t know if my firmware is fault.

Anyone with a Beryl AX can confirm that to me?

Confirmed on my MT3000 running 3.3.5 Rel 2 2023-10-08 that max transmit is 20dBM(100mW)

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Great so I think my unit is not defective and 20dBm is the limit in gl inet firmware, which is not good since I did some tests and the range is much better on vanilla openwrt with 22dBm and 24dBm. Don’t understand why it’s not like the slate where when you change the country it changes the transmit power values…

Wait @limbot 3.3.5 Rel 2? It’s a hardware version?

Complete sausage fingers. 4.4.6 Rel 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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