MT3000 compatible with Apple 20W USB-C Charger?

Can anyone else confirm that the MT3000 won’t work with a genuine Apple 20w USB-C power adapter? I’ve tried several without success. However, if I use a knock-off brand (20w) it works just fine. Trying to determine if I need to return/replace my router or if this is a common issue.

Common issue. MT3000 require the 5V@3A without PD protocol.
apple C charger requires device support PD to activate 5V@3A.

Don't use Apple but just try anything else.

Odd that on the MT1300 Apple Power adapters work just fine. Thanks for the confirmation.

If you need something aftermarket (and I am in the US for reference), I use an Anker 511 for mine and it works fine.

I have a Mkeke that works. Really shouldn’t need a compatibility list of adapters for the MT3000 if they were able to get it to work just fine with the MT1300