MT3000: Does the Blue LED ever stop Blinking?

Newbie to the GL-MT3000 (Beryl), but not a newbie to networks and wifi in general. New MT3000, working to get it configured as an Network Extender. Don't know what the Admin version is (doesn't seem to show on opening page, and I guess I overlooked on other pages). Uboot indicates "U-Boot 2022.07-rc3 (Nov 23 2022 - 11:02:05+0800). Ran into issues where the access to the MT3000 Admin page got sketchy while still at, and had up and down issues reaching the Uboot Web UI main page at

Not sure what I could have fatfingered to mess it up, but I have done several rounds of Reset, Reboot, rinse & repeat. Can't seem to get it to run - always ends up with a "permanently" blinking blue light and an unresponsive admin site. So, I thought "let's update to latest firmware and see if that fixes this. Started with Uboot. Downloaded "openwrt-mt3000-4.4.6-1008-1696764709.img" per instructions at chose it on the UBoot Web UI and clicked "Update Firmware".

MT3000 has been fast blinking for the last 3 hours...

That is a bad flash. Seen that before but the bad news is it killed my router and WHAT killed it was stale browser cache. You need to get an ip from it to be able to flash it in any mode but most likely you’re aiming for uboot and using a glinet firmware, IF it ever responds again.

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Since uboot is mostly unbrickable it should be totally fine to just redo the flashing process.

If he can get any form of ip from any of the connections. Otherwise it’s now landfill. When I killed mine it wouldn’t respond AT ALL.

Uboot isn’t part of the OS. If you don’t flash the native OpenWrt image there is mostly no need to be scared :slight_smile: