MT3000 doesnt boot anymore?

Hey there, im relatively new to the gl.inet world so please keep that in mind for the following.

A few weeks ago i bought a beryl ax and I’ve been very happy so far.
I’m using it as a repeater, running nord vpn on it and never had any issues doing so.

Yesterday i unplugged it to take it with me on a trip to spain and now that im here i cant get it to work.
When i connect the power usb-c (same i was using at home) the blue light turns on so i can see it starts booting. However after a few seconds, instead of turning white or blinking blue, the led just turns off and i can’t detect the routers wifi on my phone or tablet.

Im thinking about trying the reset button, even if that would mean some effort to bring everything back to where it was (without my desktop pc) but maybe I’m missing something so perhaps its not necessary to reset the device.

I would be very happy about any help or advice.
Thanks already for reading.