MT3000, Extender, MT3000 & 2 ethernet port devices have same MAC on Main Router

Set MT3000 making WAN into to LAN port. Plugged two ethernet devices. Selected Network Mode: Extender. Connected to main network. I have three new devices on main router, MT3000 & two ethernet port devices. BUT when I look at the Main Router table I see they all have the same MAC address. Shouldn’t the MAC addresses for the two ethernet devices be passed by the MT3000?

Extender acts like a bridge IMHO so no, no unique MAC addresses.

THanks, I have to read up on that. I thought the original device MAC’s were preserved. How do unique IP’s get assigned to each?

Hi, if your main device is also a GL device, you can choose Network->LAN, you’ll see this page,

click Add, select the MAC address of the device you want to set up IP for, then enter the IP address and click submit. You can add multiple devices.