MT3000 filesharing issues

Hi, I got an mt3000 two days ago, running 4.1.3 release 3 from the stable channel. I’ve set up filesharing and all works fine until a reboot. When the device is rebooted the SD card mounted in a card reader on USB fails to mount. It mounts just fine on hotplug. I’m attaching logs of a reboot with the card plugged in and then I remove it and put it back in, hope they help. (35.5 KB)

Edit: after further testing it seems it’s only this one device that fails. I’ve tried 2 other card readers as well as an SSD that all work fine and survive a reboot.

Did you try the same SD on other units?

Yes, the card works in other readers, is only the one that had a problem. I don’t mind using one of the others I just wanted to report it in case someone else runs into it.

Edit: the same reader works in an ar750, an mt1300, and an axt1800 for sharing and survive a reboot. Let me know if you want logs from those

It has one line of log related to usb when booting

[   28.104492] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 2

So MT3000 only has problem with this card reader, right? Other card readers works OK?

That’s correct. It’s only this one reader, I’ve got 2 others that work normally

Is it possible to send this reader to me (hong kong)?

It’s actually an older USB 2 card reader so not likely to come up again. Here’s an Amazon link to look at. If you still want me to send it to you message me the address please. Thank you