MT3000 Firmware 4.6.0op24 General Feedback

Since there's no general feedback thread for firmware 4.6.0 openwrt 24 branch, let me make one.

Overall 5G wireless is working very good (Maybe others can report on the 2.4Ghz which people said has many issues with open source driver).
I am also able to set up AP using WPA2-Enterprise with this firmware (closed firmware cannot do EAP)

I noticed something is missing from Overview page, back then there's Thermal and Fan Control, but now it's not there
(Temp solution I just installed luci-app-statistics collectd-mod-thermal to monitor, however for the fan control I haven't got the time to work around it)
If you could fix it in the next iteration that'd be great, thanks for all the hardwork! :smiley:


I wanted to make one. But thankfully you have done this!


I was also testing and using this firmware as a daily driver for around 2 weeks and overall I really love it. The only thing I've noticed is the wifi range / signal strength in my house became a bit weaker. Also toggle button is not working for now. But I am happy to have recent firmware and I can finally install any modern packages to use so called "scientific internet" or to open blocked sites in my current location. Thanks a lot for the development and that we have a choice to install OpenWrt 24 builds now.

The toggle button for vpn control is not working, right?

Yes, I've tried to add my own files with toggles scripts but they also didn't work

But that may be problems of your script. Pls post your code.

been running myself for a couple of days - and its been fine - but then again - its just being used as a standard router.. not any cool VPN stuff etc.. its been stable so far - mostly 5Ghz devices..

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Still running nicely - had an uptime of 14 days straight with 18 devices using it - looking forward to future versions.

Range is the only concern as signal strength is a lot weaker - i used to get a usable signal at the end of my 60meter driveway - now signal drops not far outside the house..

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For me this firmware works fine, as for the range i didn't check if its stable, but with my setup i don't really expect super good stability due to the tunnel complexity.

Here is my topology:

at home i use a mt6000 with a recent custom openwrt build running multiple instances of: wgserver, wifivpn(also a wireguard server), vxlan (i use this to encapisulate layer 2 vlans), and a pppoe wan connection with a isp limit of 1500 mtu, on the wireguard server i used 1492 mtu.

at my parents place i use the mt3000 to connect to home, it also uses vxlans to get the PS5 vlan, then i used multi psk to sign in to the ps5 network.

then i stream from my phone to ps remote, this sometimes fail to work its unknown to me why but my suspicion is a loop, or a mtu limit, when i tap to wifivpn it works stable, after my foundings i figured playstation did something to make things easier probably since their PS portable v3 update they seem to also make a tunnel, so portforwards are not needed neither a use for vxlan to be present 'locally' on the same subnet.

I barely had any lag both with the wifivpn, but also directly on the wgserver interface, the stream was smooth on the mt3000 there where some really short freezes maybe once per 5 minutes but that didn't bother to me as much, as for range, well i was sitting near it so that isn't a good test, but it also did not crash or did other unexpected things.

i haven't tested my intel 210AX chip against this particular multi psk setup which is notorious for crashing the mt76 driver atleast for the mt6000, i was happy enough my remote play stream was smooth :sweat_smile:

Is an update coming soon?