MT3000 log onto LuCI

I have not been able to log into the LuCI interface for a while yet. When I bring up the LuCI interface, the username ‘root’ is pre-filled. When I enter the password that I use with the GL.Inet interface, the login page accepts it and the login page comes back and doesn’t display an error message. If I don’t enter a password, I get an error message that the username or password is incorrect.

How can I get into the LuCI interface? It seems it’s the only way to back up my configuration.

Try to using a private browser if you have not been doing so, you may need to clear the regular browser cache first.

You could also try:
add the / and # the LuCi address( note it is your default gateway address)

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Thanks. I cleared the cache for the router on my web browser. All is well.

What is your firmware version? Have you installed any other packages?