MT3000 - No Internet connection

I turned off "Internet Status Tracking" for ethernet. it looks great on the Internet tab, it is showing that Ethernet is connected. I still cannot browse the internet.

Seems that the Internet Status Tracking was right then? :smile:
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@admon , no, it was not... I was still not able to access the internet.

The router's firmware had to be factory reset :frowning:

Please provide all necessary information as written in How to get support quickly

Necessary information

You should provide the following information in your forum post:

  • Which router (which model?) are you using?
  • Which firmware version is in use?
  • How is your router connected to the Internet?
    • By cable via the router of your Internet provider? (If yes, which router and which ISP?)
    • Via WLAN? (If yes, which network and which encryption?)
    • By cell phone? (If yes, which mobile provider?)
  • Which DNS server do you use? (The local one of your ISP? AdGuard Home? Another one?)
  • Do you use DHCP or static IP addresses?


Can you reach the Internet? Check the "ping" to the IP address

Instructions for Windows, OS X and Linux can be found here :link:

Test DNS resolution

Does the resolution of domain names work? Check this with the domain - the answer should be

You are welcome to share the output of this command in your forum post.

Instructions for Windows :link: | Instructions for Linux :link: | Instructions for OS X :link:

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