MT3000 No-IP.PL Starlink

So…I am using this router with Starlink. Since they use CGNAT, I don’t have a public IPV4 address. I enabled IPV6 on the router and bypassed the Starlink router. The MT3000 reports that I have an IPV6 address that I assume is public.

I tried to set up DDNS in Luci. I installed, the requisite scripts, except for which Luci complains is not installed. I cannot find that script in software repositories.

I am running 4.20 software. Can someone help?

The package should be called luci-app-ddns

`luci-app-ddns is already installed. That’s not it.

Have both the ddns-scripts and ddns-scripts_no-ip_com packages been installed also?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

ddns-scripts is installed. When I search for ddns-scripts_no-ip_com, I get a No software packages message.

I think its ddns-scripts-noip

I am using snapshot firmware from 2-18-2023

ddns-scripts-noip is installed.

Maybe something to do with Polish language libraries for LuCI?
Only used the US version

I only use the US version, too. Are you suggesting I use Polish libraries? Is there an English translation for them?

haha nah you posted (pl standing for poland) thats what through me off.

Maybe it needs a update? or its to new? When you install do you write over files from other packages? That might do it or could break something else.

You also need to change DNS settings to manual in the GUI then you should be able to make changes in LuCi. Also Check edit host on the GUI DNS page should only be the ones you want.

Has the ddns-scripts-services package been installed?

Log in via SSH and check if the /usr/share/ddns/default/ file exists.

I think is not the same provider as