MT3000 Packet steering

Without hardware acceleration, I noticed slow internet speed using PPPoE.
Using Htop, I saw one core at 100% and the other with almost no load.
I enabled packet steering and it did the trick. Speed went from 380 to 680Mbps(My full speed)
That said, i’d like to know why it isn’t enabled by default? @alzhao


The same aplies to the MT2500. So probably to all devices with filogic 820. @hansome @alzhao

Thanks for sharing, we’ll do some tests and enable packet steering when hardware acceleration if off accordingly.

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Any news on this subject?

Change has been made but not applied to firmware 4.2.2 release2 yet. It will be applied in the next version.


Are you sure it is enabled in 4.23 release 5?

Sorry 4.2.3 release 5 doesn’t include that change yet. As this release is for a major bug fix.
It is enabled in version 4.3.2.