MT3000 Periodic Factory Reset

I have been using this product since last February. It’s a simple network and I run Adguard Home and a Wireguard client to run all traffic through a commercial VPN.

I works great for a while (maybe a month or so). Then strange things start to happen. Sometimes, I get no internet through the VPN until I reboot the router. Other times, checking for DNS leaks, I see my IP address is the ISP, not the VPN. Other times, it says my first multiwan priority cannot supply internet, but doesn’t switch to the next one.

Finally, when nothing seems to behave itself, I perform a factory reset and everything starts to work again.I have backed up the configuration, but haven’t restored after a reset since I don’t know what’s causing this issue.

Can someone recommend a way to investigate this, other than living with the frustration of flakier and flakier until a reset? Are others having this problem? Can it be a hardware or software issue? This is also the router that will not run for more than a couple of weeks using the supplied power supply before it locks up and cannot even reboot until a factory reset is performed.

Does it happen only once or it happens multiple times?

Did you upgrade from old firmware and kept settings? I think after reset it fixed some issues.

If happens again pls let me know more details.

It’s happened more than once. The issue with the power supply has happened twice with two different GL.Inet supplied power supplies. I have performed a factory reset for other issues more than once, but when I upgrade firmware, I always carry over settings.

The last couple of times I did a factory reset, I used the same settings, but I didn’t restore the settings. I’ll report back if it happens again. Should I report back before I perform the reset?