MT300A/AR300M Wifi/WISP/Repeater problems

Hi, I recently bought two routers from Amazon to try to set up as mobile routers. However, once they are set up (updated firmware to 2.25 and installed with the services/vpn I need) they instantly stop working as I move them to a new location. So far I’ve set them up at home (with WISP to local network) and when I try them out at work the Wifi is gone. I’ve read several threads with similar problems which states I should try to reset the AP but pushing reset won’t do anything. The only two ways I’ve found to get out of this is: 1) with LAN cable into LUCI and remove AP 2) factory reset.

This unfortunately makes them a really poor choice for travel-router. Is there any solution to this in the work or being planned?

Ah oh, I’m a noob with fairly limited networking skills… :slight_smile:


It is my understanding that when configured as a wirelss AP/repeater (WISP to local network), Openwrt will disable the wifi if it cannot connect to said local network.
I assumed that the Gli firmware had a script to correct this, so that you can connect to a new network (eg. hotel network) via wifi when travelling. I deduced this from the fact that my wifi still broadcasts when my main (ISP) router is turned off.
I await clarification from someone in the know (ie. Alzhao).

However, meanwhile this makes interesting reading:





firmware v2.25 comes with repeater manager

It should disable the station and ensure AP works if you move to a new location. wifiMgr script is an old solution which we don’t use.

But as you have v2.25 already but still have this problem, then there must be something goes wrong.

First thing is to check if you have reserved settings if you upgrade from an very old firmware. If setting from /etc/rc.local is reserved, the repeater manager damon may not be up. So if you have this problem, reset the router once to ensure this problem is gone.

Second, in firmware v2.25, the reset button has two functions. When press down the middle LEDs start to flash once per second. After 3 flashes it will flash quicker. Release your finger now the router will reset the network only: including disabling sta, enabling AP, enabling dhcp, reset LAN and WAN. So you should have AP now. You may need to try this.

The docs for the button is here: