MT300A-ext wifi to Ethernet using both antennas

Hi. I looked for the answer and couldn’t find it so I figured it was time to just ask.

There is a public WiFi hotspot near my house, but in repeater mode I can only get about 1 megabit per second.

It is way stronger about 2 blocks closer, but I’m too far to get a decent signal. I was thinking of setting up the so the router is using both antennas to access the WiFi hotspot and only send through the Ethernet cable. I think it might help it get better reception, since the reception is cut by half when doing wifi repeater.

So what I want to do is convert the wifi signal to Ethernet and connect another router to it to broadcast in the house.

How do I turn off the wifi broadcast on the router so that the antennas are only used to access the hotspot and data sent through the lan port?

Thanks for your help!

If you connect your phone to the WIFI hotspot, how is the speed? Even though you turn off the wifi broadcast, it won’t make repeater faster.