MT300A vs MT300N

What are the main differences, and which one is best for performance/throughput?

A: MTK 7620A @580Mhz
N: MTK 7620N @580Mhz


DIY features:
A: UART, TF Card interface, 3.3V & 5V power port
N: UART, 4GPIO, 3.3V & 5V power port

You can compare it yourself with the specifications on the product pages:

In my opinion the A model looks like better, but only the N model has support for the PoE module.

I’m wondering what the “TF Card interface” exactly means for the A model?

These two routers use different CPU, which nearly has the same specs. But MT300A support more RAM. If you check the PCB on our website, you will see the PCB have different interfaces.

MT300N can support PoE. MT300A doesn’t support PoE, but has pins reserved to connect to a TF card daughter board, so you will have a lot of storage in the small box rather than connecting an external USB storage. Using 128MB ram, you can run nearly all the program in openwrt, e.g. php etc.

MT300N is cheaper, designed for business. MT300A costs several bucks more. It is designed for hobbyist.

…but when?

we are trying to make MT300A available in 2 weeks.

Will the External Antenna version of the MT300A be available at the same time, in 2 weeks?

Looking forward to it!

that will be not possible. We will publish internal antenna version first. Because of Chinese new year, hope it will not be delayed.

Thanks everyone so no GPIO on the A?

I need it as an Openvpn client for when im traveling, I currently have the AR150 but it sometimes struggles with OpenVPN throughput over 8 meg which I think is due to the CPU so one of these new ones should resolve that :slight_smile:


I love the GPIO features and the ability to disable OpenVPN with the switch so I would like to keep that if I can.

In MT300A, there is UART and limited GPIO. The switch is also there. There is pins to connect microSD card storage.

What are you using the gpio for?

@j14 Could I please ask you to detail your config for using the switch to disable the VPN. I use the luci controls, but find they do not always work correctly, so this would be helpful.

If you are using a service, could you also please document the config for the service and device for others.

It’s probably best publishing these each under their own post.

I modified this from another post on here, I cant find it now so cant give credit to the original author but here it is, its messy but it works fine:

Put this in your BTN_8 file:




logger “Button: $BUTTON ; State: ${ACTION}”;


if [ “${ACTION}” == “pressed” ]; then

uci set openvpn.client_tap_bridge.enable=0;/etc/init.d/openvpn stop;killall openvpn;



uci set openvpn.client_tap_bridge.enable=1;/etc/init.d/openvpn start



It is better to have the LED indicating the vpn status.

light the middle LED up when openvpn is running, otherwise, make it off.

Any updates on when these become available?

Chinese New Year is just finished so everything should work normally now. Two more weeks please.

Is there any update on release?

Finally, GL-MT300A is online now 404 Page not found - GL.iNet

what’s the ETA on arrival to US East coast? Are these shipped from China mainland?

We ship from China or Hong Kong depending on stock.

For US, it takes 7 to 10 days.