MT300N-128 broken, pls help

I have two GL-iNet routers; on e old 150m who work fine, and other 300m (MT300N-128).
This stop working after I try it to upgrade online via wifi, and 220V AC power was down in this time, laptop have power, but primary router WAN left without energy ana upgrade procedure failed.
Now, I cannot do nothing all three LED’s are ON, try to upgrade via serial but cannot because some time is in a loop, and some times I get nothing on serial, like is blocked
I very need him and please an advice how to restor it…
Thank you in advance !

router  mt300n-128

Can you access uboot?

Seems uboot is damaged. Not sure how but seems it stopped there. Maybe chipset is damaged

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Thank you for reply,

I not see how…
it works excellent before this try of upgrade, power was from usb, laptop on battery full charged
power off and after 10min, affect only the main router, but that also work without problem.
so, I cannot do anything ? :frowning:

maybe bad RAM…

the relocate_code pointer2…

Isn’t uboot jumping from ROM to the RAM copy at that stage?

Anyways - sounds like the board is dead at this point for most folks.

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thank you is not time to buy another but…that it is