Mt300n access multiple networks on ethernet ports

My usecase would be like this:
For my work I have different devices to access but they have different default IP addresses which can’t be changed (fixed service IP addresses).
Is the following possible?
Can I configure the LAN port for devices which use as the service IP address and the WAN port for devices which use I would like the WLAN interface to use the default range if possible.

Is it possible to configure the gl-mt300n-v2 to route requests for to the LAN port and to to the WAN port from my laptop which is connected to the WLAN interface of the router.

Not fully understand.

But WAN side can be 192.168.1.x, while you have guest wifi so you can set guest wifi to 192.168.0.x and lan (as well as private wifi) on 192.168.8.x

What I want is in the image below.

I connect to the router over WLAN. Both LAN ports should have different IP ranges but both need to be accessible from the laptop which is connected to the WLAN.

Does the MT1300 connect to the Internet via WISP?

You may need to change the wan port as a 2nd lan and configure vlan on it.

But I need to understand why you are doing this.

There is no internet involved in the setup.
What I want to achieve and you can see in the image I posted is that I have to access devices which have fixed IP addresses/fixed IP ranges that can’t be changed.
one type of device is in the range and is connected to the LAN port of the router
another type is in the range and is connected to the WAN port (which I configured as a LAN port) of the router.

I connect to the router through the WLAN/WiFi interface and I want to be able to access both devices connected to both the LAN and WAN port.

The devices are industrial devices with specific service ethernet ports which have IP addresses that are fixed so I can’t change those. Until now I was using a simple TP-Link travel router but I have to change the configuration every time I want to connect to a different device IP range. What I want to achieve is that I have a single configured router to access both types without having to constantly change the router settings.

I already figured it out. Since the device is never going to be connected to the internet I deleted all firewall rules and I added the following static routes. This seems to do the job.
Security isn’t an issue in this case so there is no harm in removing all firewall rules.

I was to soon in my optimism :frowning:
Only when I make a change to the static route settings does it work but only to one of the ports. For some strange reason. I think that I have to rethink this configuration.
To me it seems like it should be quite a simple task to perform but I can’t get why it isn’t working as I would suspect it to work.