MT300N - Mobley 4G - Not Keeping USB

MT300N - Firmware 2.261

I purchased the MT330N just so I can use the USB to Ethernet. The unit drops the connection to the Mobley all the time. If I reboot the router, the connection is there and it works for about 5 mins and then it no longer shows as connected.

If I go into SETTING and click on 3G/4G it sees the AT&T and setting are all listed.

I have set the Mobley to never to turn off.

Is this a known issue? What settings do I need to it will not close the USB connection?

Please help as this is the only reason I got this and was glad it worked out of the box. But not glad it just stops the USB connection.

Sometimes I can just watch it connect and disconnect from the Mobley over and over.

Thank you.



I think if you select the Service Type will be better, and other cause is the 4G signal instability

I do not understand what you mean. Are you saying NOT to use the USB connection? That is the entire reason I purchased this as it says it will do it and even had the settings for the AT&T service.

I means may be assigned the Service Type for the USB connection will be better

@DBNet, as you said it works for 5 minutes then I assume you have set everything correctly.

The general reason of dropping connection is because of power. What power adapter are you using? Can you use a more powerful one, e.g. 5V2A.

@alzhao - Thank you…Are you referring to the router or the Mobley device? I am assuming the router seeing that is what you support here. :slight_smile: I know it is running off a a 5V USB charger, but I have not read anywhere that it requires 2A as the specs read 1A.

It has been running all night without issue in Wi-Fi WISP mode. It is connected to my home router via Wi-Fi and the Ethernet to a machine. No issue. does the USB data connection require more power than WISP? Seems strange.

It is not USB connection which consumes more power. It is the modem which plugged into the router drains too much power from the router.

Not possible seeing that the Mobley modem is powered from an A/C adaptor.