MT300N OpenVPN and bridge mode

Hello, i’d like to use the MT300N to connect via 3g/4g (an old smartphone with usb tethering, or a 3g/4g dongle) to a OpenVPn server of my own. I’m actually using a vpn client on my phone/pc to connect to the LAN (192.168.2.x/24) on which the VPN server is attached, anche get a 192.168.2.x IP via dhcp. If i use the MT300N as vpn client, wWould it be possible for the devices connected to the MT300N, to be “bridged” to the LAN through the VPN connection?

What i’m trying to achive is having any devices connected to the MT300N getting their ip via DHCP on the 192.168.2.x LAN…wold that be possible? thank you


It is not possible in the current firmware. Sorry about that.

As alternative, would it be possible,

  1. once the MT300N connect to the VPN and get a 192.168.2.N IP, to configure a port redirect on the MT300N so that connecting to the 192.168.2.N:<port> will connect to one of the client on the MT300N eth/wifi 192.168.y.x network?


  1. set a routing table on the MT300N so that it routes packets to 192.168.2.x throught the vpn, and act as a gateway on my lan for the 192.168.y.x network (setting a static route on my existing network devices, using 192.168.2.N asgateway for 192.168.x.y)?

Thank you for the informations

  1. Yes. This is possible. By default the vpn interface do not allow input traffic. You can configure port forwarder. Just have a try.

  2. Maybe. I am not good a static routing so not too much input from me.


FYI: it is possible to configure the MT300N for bridging; but you will need to use the “Advanced” configuration (Luci GUI) to disable the MT300N’s DHCP server. If you plan to use “static key”, then you will also need to ssh to the MT300N and delete the “client” line that the simple GUI automatically adds to the downloaded config.ovpn file. Ideally an expert will post a simple bridging config.ovpn that works (and requires only the disabling of DHCP using Luci).