MT300N-V2 + 4G dongle/wifi router

Hi, I’m using my MT-300N (Mango) V2 with a seemingly noname USB 4G modem (its admin page is branded QUalcomm though).
When plugged into a “wallplug” USB, it starts up as a Wi-Fi router itself. And when I plug it into my Windows PC, it mounts both as a disk drive (for driver installation), and a modem. I am able to switch between Wi-fi and pure dongle modes of the device using this Windows driver, but every time I connect it to a Mango it starts as a Wi-fi router itself.

The Mango is seemingly able to recognize it, but it fails to configure it: I tried setting APN manually via Mango web interface, as well as configure a PPP connection via Luci - no luck either way.

Is this behavior of the modem expected, and can it still be configured to work with Mango?

P.S. Right now I’m using Mango as a repeater of the modem’s Wi-fi, and it kinda defeats the whole point of having both devices :frowning:

It seems a compatibility problem. Can you plug it in your windows and change the working mode and then put in Mango.

If it does not work maybe because of the compatibility. So you need to ssh to the router and get some log.

ifconfig -a

Thanks for your answer! I managed to get it to work with my Mango - turns out, the modem keeped working as a router itself when plugged in anywhere, so I had to disable its own automatic 4G connection and only control it via Mango.

However, the connection was never stable enough - it dropped (either 4G or Mango’s Wi-fi) every ~30mins, and the internet speed degraded dramatically.
Everything’s fast and stable when the modem works on its own though.
So I’ll try to send the router back now.