MT300N-V2 and access to a device on another LAN

Hi everybody,

First of all, sorry for my bad english (i’m from France) :stuck_out_tongue:
And sorry for my middle skill level about networking.

I’m here because i’ve got a little (but annoying) problem with my MT300N-V2.
Here is my network configuration :

  • MT300N-V2 is in router mode
  • VPN is enabled
  • 2 android box are connected to my MT300N-V2 (their ip : 192.168.8.x)
  • I’v got a NAS storage on the “upper” LAN (ip :

Here is my problem :

  • when VPN is disabled : my 2 android box can perfectly access to my NAS Storage
  • when VPN is enabled : they cannot (and cannot either ping the NAS)

Could you help me to solve this problem ?
Is the solution to set the MT300N-V2 in bridge mode ? but if so, will it be possible to use the vpn client in the same time ?
Is there another solution ?

Thanks in advance for your answers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Your English is very good, as a French!

VPN policy is for your scenario.

Pls set up as my picture. For 1.187, do not use vpn. You can also bypass the whole 1.x subnet using

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Hi Alzhao !

Thank you so much !!
I’ll test this next week, when i get home.

I’ll give you a feedback here.

Hi Alzhao,

It works perfectly, thank you very much !!

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Thanks for reporting back.