MT300n-V2 as a NAS without a main router

Hello, i just picked up a MT300n-V2 and I intended to use this sort of like a wireless drive when i am on the road for my kid to stream video files from an external HDD or memory card. when it is connected to my main router at home via wireless or via the port, it works fine. however, when i am out and not connected to any wifi or plugged into any ethernet port, it doesn’t work. i have checked the settings and it is in “router” mode. Is this the right network mode?

How do you use your share? I believe when you use at home all of your other devices connect to your main network to use the share. When go out, all the devices connect to the mini router.

It should work but need to know some details.


Yeah , should work fine. You shouldn’t need to be connected to internet to connect to your USB HDD/Memory Card via an SMB share.

Only thing to watch out for is that USB storage devices aren’t hot swap so you need to have the USB plugged in before you fire up the router…