Mt300n-v2 battery, SD card

Hello! I’m thinking about couple ideas…

  1. I use mango in travel, and sometimes I need to change power supply, so, can I connect 5v external battery to 5v output on board, if do not want to turn off and restart router?
    Actually I’ve already tryed to connect 5v from adapter to that pins, and router started and worked. Is it right to connect battery directly? Is it going to charge?

  2. Can these pins be used to connect microSD card reader from the photo?

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SD card can work with SPI interface, not I2C.
but can use an usb card reader

Thank for answer!
Do you mean I2C-interface - is 9 pin interface on left side, with number 2?

Don’t think so, probably is JTAG , should ask gl.inet member. However having the right interface is not enough to make SD work. You need also firmware driver for SD over that interface. If you are a programmer you could write an openwrt code that implements SD protocol even using just general purpose pins (gpio) in bitbang mode (would be very slow) but this requires a lot of skill. An usb card Reader is the solution

I am not sure.

I did know these pins but after several years no one mentioned, totally forgot.

Hello! Thanks for the answer!
I’ve found that gl.inet had mt300a with similar chipset and PCB, and it was sold with microSd daughter.
So, I try to find info, is it possible to do the same on mt300n v2.
Also, mt300a is the reason why microSd drivers should probably exist, somewhere, in someway)))

Here’s the link

mt300a with microSd daughter

Btw. How do you think about battery on 5v pins ?



Please note, MT300A is totally different from MT300N-V2.

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Mind that Azure was the full featured A chip and Mango is an N chip.

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Ok, thank everyone for answers!

What do you think about connecting battery to 5v pins?

It should power the router without problem.

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