MT300N - V2 cannot load openvpn

I am trying to upload my IPVanish openvpn file
downloaded direct from IPVanish file size 558K but get error not enough flash… Any idea whats wrong?
If i delete half of the servers the file size goes down to 225K and does upload
I have no other apps and my MT300N is brand new

It is 558K but it is zip. When you upload to the router, it needs to be unzipped and its size will be much bigger.

thanks i understand the file when unziped is larger.
My point is the box should be able to handle the standard config file when downloaded from official source. the whole idea of config opvn is a small text file that should upload into the Gl.inet box ?
Are we saying the box cannot handle and to use vpn i have to upload only a partial file?

the unzipped file is 588K
Flash space left is 2Mb so no idea why will not allow flash to accept this small config file

In order to hold zip from from 3rd-party vpn service providers we design routers with large storage. We have 8GB in some of our routers.

The ovpn files when unzipped on the router, it may stored differently. You cannot use simple ways to calculated.

ok so are you saying the standard ovpn file from IPVanish is not compatable with the Mango box
The flash memory shows 2Mb free , as i not put anything else on the box thats the max free space - so box either faulty or not fit for the purpose i bought for and missleading selling description


If IPVanish is like other VPN providers I’ve used then you’ve got 100s of different OpenVPN configs (and UDP and TCP versions double it) contained in the zip file of which I might use 2 or 3 at the most. You can unzip the file, take out the ones you want and then rezip that smaller number of configs and then load in the Mango.

YMMV :slight_smile:


There is no reason to load the entire config file. As @limbot said, pick the ones you need, usually the ones closest to you for best performance. You have no reason to connect to something across the globe in most cases.

thats what ive done.
Just wondered why my flash memory was limited tho

There is more overhead than just the files themselves. The router processes the files to display them in the UI, so if you load a large file, it will both use a lot of flash, and also a lot of ram, and slow down the UI as well.