MT300N-v2 Clean Firmware 3.0


i have an MT300N-v2 Travel Router.
I saw on the Firmware Page the Firmware 3.0 for the Router

After I installed the software I can’t access the router anymore.
WLAN is disabled because of the new firmware and over LAN or SSH he refused the connection.
Do you have some advise how I can access the router or install the regular firmware?


Clean firmware, as far as I know, is vanilla Openwrt, so try using 192,168,1,1.
Failing that, follow the Uboot de-bricking guide doc.

You shall download and flash 3.0 testing firmware if you wanna try it.
Clean means Luci only.

Thx for the support!
On the LAN Port I got a local IP address and could install the lede 2.271 firmware