MT300N-V2 disconnecting

Hello, I recently got the Mango MT300N-V2. My goal is to use it to setup a more secure network and enable the use of a chromecast on a resort WiFi network.

Initial setup of the router was fine but as soon as I tried to connect to the public WiFi two things happened. 1-the router disconnects from my computer and then continually connects for a few seconds and disconnects a few seconds later. This process continues indefinitely. 2-I’m never actually able to connect to the public WiFi. I’m not sure if it’s because my device keeps reconnecting and/or timing out or if there’s something with the public WiFi that’s not allowing the device to connect.

I’ve been using this WiFi network for months with no issues (except for the lack of security and chromecast support) so I know it works. I’m also right next to on of the repeater towers so the signal is strong.

Can other devices connect to hotspots normally?
The device restarts the network during the repeater, causing your router to repeatedly disconnect.