Mt300n-v2 firmware 3.025

I have a doubt; The current min version is lede-mt300n-v2-3.011, and I see that now the new version is openwrt-mt300n-v2-3.025. How does this change? Does it affect me in any way? what are the changes?

LEDE is an older version of openwrt. So 3.025 changed to new openwrt distro.

A lot of bugs are also fixed.

New features e.g. ddns and cloud control is added.

I have another question: when I update I must leave the same configuration, or do it from scratch ?. Do I lose the .ipk I have installed? Do I have to reconfigure everything?

Keeping the config is file. But you may lose your ipk

Where can I see the changelog to the recent firmware?

And is the update significant enough that I need to turn off ‘Keep Settings’ ?

Here are the release notes:

It’s safer to not keep the settings. You can upgrade keeping the settings, but if something feels strange or the router does not perform as expected, upgrade again without keeping the settings.

When i upgrade my routers i upgrade without saving any settings, and run some bash scripts in SSH to set up all my settings afterwards.