MT300N-V2 in repeater stop working when a client's Wifi property is changed

This happens only on the MT300N-V2. It does not happen on the AR300M.

When a MT300N-V2 is in repeater mode and connected to a “source” Wifi, if you open the glinet dashboard and modify the client Wifi password, ssid name, and ssid visibility at the same time, the repeater looses all connectivity. It appears offline in goodcloud too.

As a Wifi client, you can not reconnect to the MT300N-V2 client Wifi, even when using the new ssid and password.

I was able to reproduce the issue on 2 differents MT300N-V2. I was unable to reproduce it on the AR300M.

Firmware version: 3.203

On one MT300N-V2, it requires an electrical boot (disconnect power) to get back. On a second MT300N-V2, it requires a complete reset of the device.

Any remark anyone has this issue too ?

I have reproduced this issue on version 3.203. This issue has been fixed in the latest snapshot release and you can download the test.