MT300N-V2 LAN to WAN

I have this configuration:

  • MT300N-V2 configured as ROUTER
  • WAN cable connected to my Internet router - LAN side
  • LAN cable connected to my TV
  • 1 OpenVPN Client configured and work correctly when active
  • Button Setting to Enable / Disable OpenVPN

Well, I would like, if it’s possibile, to know how to permit LAN cable (TV) to “see” the entire WAN network, because in my case is not Internet, but my private local network, in wich i have DLNA server. With above configuration, TV can’t see DLNA server on my private network, even with OpenVPN closed.
Any suggestion ?

Thank You for attention

Enable vpn policies “do not use vpn for” ip based not mac based and set your main subnet in the exclusion list.

I tried this solution, but not work: TV can’t “see” DLNA server behind WAN interface, even with VPN closed.

Thank You anyway for intersting.

Adding more specifications:

  • WAN class IP
  • LAN class IP

I can ping every WAN side device, from LAN side, but TV on LAN side not take over DLNA server.
My DLNA server (Serviio) it’s on (static IP on WAN side)

Go to firewall and allow traffic from wan to lan for the ip of the dlna server naturally with vpn policies enabled to route traffic correctly from lan to wan during an active vpn session

Now I resetting to factory settings the device and I try to configure it without VPN client, to avoid “interference”.
In Advanced Settings, I added the “Traffic Rule” from WAN to LAN, from DLNA Server IP: but TV can’t reveal it.
I also tried to added the “Traffic Rule” from WAN to LAN from ALL WAN: but TV can’t reveal DLNA server.
Of course if I connect TV cable directly to ISP router, it reveal DLNA server without issue.
When I solve this situation, I can try to add VPN Client.

Thank You again for interesting.

On MT300N-V2:

  • I configured WAN port as LAN, with static IP (
  • I configured LAN port with static IP ( and disable DHCP on it

Now, with this configuration, TV on LAN side of MT300N-V2, reveal DLNA server on WAN side and work.

Well, now I added and configured OpenVPN Client, but it doesn’t work :frowning:
It response “No Internet”, but the router and devices attached on it, navigate without problem.
What’s wrong now ?

Are you trying to bridge?

Excuse me, but I don’t understand what do you mean with “Bridge”.
What “items” and how do a “Bridge” ?

Thank You

No one tip ?
If someone can explain me how to Bridging with this device, I can try it.

At the beginning, seems you are making a correct setup. The router should work in Router mode. It will route all traffic. But in that way, it creates a subnet.

By using vpn policy, you can enable your TV to access your local network, but not be able to enable your local network devices see your tv, because it is behind firewall and in another subnet.

I saw that you are putting WAN in LAN mode, which the router will not work in Router mode. In this way, your two Ethernet ports will be bridged together. All your devices on MT300N-V2 will get IP from your main network. But in this way, your vpn will not work.

So you cannot use VPN and want to access local network easily. Even you have advanced skills, it does not worth the effort to do it. So just let the router works in its own way unless you want some DIY skills.

Ok Alzhao, thanks a lot for the precise explanation.
Now, I understand that with VPN activated, my “real” local network connected on the WAN side of the device does not “see” the LAN side of the device itself;
but, if I turn off the VPN is it possible to make them “see” each other ?

Thank You for interesting.

You need to set the router in bridge mode, like AP or extender. Go to more settings and network mode to do it.

I’m not explanied well; Device in Router Mode:

  • VPN closed: LAN see WAN and vice-versa
  • VPN open: LAN work only trought VPN, as expected

I understand you. But you cannot easily change from one state to another. Although it could be done by writing some scripts and use the switch button to switch between the two state, but I don’t think it worth the effort. Too much work.