MT300N-V2 New firmware OpenVPN problem

After updating the latest firmware (3.201), OpenVPN shows that it can be connected, but it cannot access the Internet. And the previous version (3.105) works fine.

my situation:
WAN (Repeater Other WiFi)

Pls upgrade to 3.203 beta4 GL.iNet download center

After the upgrade, OpenVPN and Wireguard are working fine!
But there are more serious problems!

After resetting and restoring the factory settings, the WAN (Repeater Other WiFi) and LAN WiFi passwords were reconfigured, but after working for a few minutes, the LAN WiFi cannot be connected! After resetting again, it can be connected normally, but after a few minutes of configuration, the LAN WiFi cannot be connected again!

The previous version did not have this problem!

Sorry, MT300N-V2 and MT1300’s wifi was broken. Fixing