MT300N-V2 OpenVPN Server - Use Custom DNS

I’ve managed to successfully create a VPN server by using the latest 3.025 version.

I’m using all the default options and it appears to work apart from pushing DNS servers. If using the OpenVPN client it will fallback to Google DNS if the option is selected.

How can I push the DNS settings from the “Custom DNS Server” page to the client?

Thanks in advance

I can now push DNS servers to the client by using dhcp-option DNS, this works fine. It wasn’t working before because I had put dhcp-option(s) by mistake.

If I have the option Override DNS Settings for All Clients turned on it then stops any DNS resolving when connected through the VPN.

Anyone know how to have all DNS requests go through the options as defined on the Use Custom DNS page? Without the breaking DNS when connected through the VPN server?