MT300N-V2 - Pi-Hole not working for a Wireguard VPN


I just received my MT300N-V2 (Mango) and fail on its configuration.

My environment looks like this:

  • Ubuntu vServer
  • Wireguard and Pi-Hole are installed on the server
  • Wireguard is configured on my phone already, when activated the VPN is established and the traffic is filtered by Pi-Hole. Perfect.
  • Mango is running as router.
  • Mango uses the default LAN IP

I intend to have the same functionality for my notebook.
Mango connects to my WiFi + my notebook connects to Mango.
Mango creates the Wireguard tunnel to my server and Pi-Hole takes care of filtering the traffic.

So far, it is only working partially: the Wireguard VPN is established and I can browse websites.
But as soon as I add my Pi-Hole DNS, I run into DNS errors.

My Wireguard Client configuration looks like this - for my phone (Address = and Mango

Address =
ListenPort = 51820
PrivateKey = < privatekey >
DNS = < myserverIP >

PublicKey = < publickey >
AllowedIPs =, ::/0
Endpoint = < myserverIP >:51820

Result: DNS errors

Without DNS setting in the Wireguard configuration: internet ok, but no Pi-Hole filtering

Custom DNS Server → Manual DNS Server Settings → : DNS errors

Custom DNS Server → Override DNS Settings for All Clients + Manual DNS Server Settings → : DNS errors

Where is the error?

Thanks in advance

I found the solution:
As DNS I have to use my my Wireguard server IP
That’s different compared to my phone where I key in the 192… IP of my server.