MT300N-V2 reboots

Hi, MT300N-V2 is reboot sometime, my router config is very simple, wan dhcp, default WiFi settings and connect to good cloud, from lan cable connect to switch. Firmware version 3.201. Someone have this issue too? How to check and fix problem?

I’m think I’m find bug, I’m have 3 TV Samsung, and router don’t like the same names of this TV’s, conflict lan names I’m think. Please add option in “Static IP Address Bind” write new name of device

When you only connect one TV, it does not have this problem?

I am not sure if this is caused by the names though.

Problem is not TV, now all TV is off, but router reboot

Maybe just change power adapter and power cable.

Ok. I’m try it today

Change power adapter, uptime 13 hours at this time

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