MT300N-V2 Supported encryption protocols

Hi team,

I’m working with the MT300N-V2 and am wondering which encryption protocols are supported in:
2) WDS

Thanks for your assistance!

MT300N-V2 uses closed wifi driver, it supports ap client which can replace wds. In other word, it supports WISP and AP client.

Thanks @kyson-lok, but that didn’t quite answer my question. I am looking for a list of all the encryption protocols supported in the WDS and WISP modes, i.e. WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc etc

Would you be willing to explain the difference between AP Client mode and WDS? I haven’t received my devices yet so I’m relying on the documentation which only mentions WISP and WDS available for using the device as a repeater.

We are planning to use these to repeat a 4G hotspot WiFi signal through a building, with IOT devices connecting along the way. 2 hops max to the hotspot. Low data flow rate expected, so reduced throughput is okay. Is using these as a WDS repeater actually what I want?

Thanks for your input!

It supports open/wpa/wpa2 in repeater mode.

Awesome, thank you very much!