Mt300n-v2 to Fritzbox 6690

hey there!

a little desperate here…

i am trying to get a client2site VPN Mt300n-v2 connection to a fritzbox 6690 (where the fritzbox is the Site and the mt300 is the client device)
You know, to get my sons Netflix TV work over VPN via my Home Net

I have no good idea how to start this. Should i use wireguard?
Is there a Guide on how to do this (i cant be the first one to try this)

Any help would be appreciated


I believe Wireguard is a way faster than OpenVPN. You can start configuring your Mt300n by following this guide:

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing that violates their Terms of Service and may disable your account. They are able to use various detection methods, not only the IP address, so VPN may not be sufficient to get around this, Devices may need to be verified periodically similar to 2-factor authentication.

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