MT300N V2 USBIP doesn't work

Error subscription: Atter installing usbip without error, can’t start it:
usbipd &
-ash: usbipd: not found

What shall I do? The config is not proper?

Thank you.

OpenWRT version: latest, 3.012
installed usbip, usbip-client, usbip-server, screen log :

opkg install kmod-usbip-client kmod-usbip-server kmod-usbip
Installing kmod-usbip-client (4.14.63-1) to root…
Installing kmod-usbip (4.14.63-1) to root…
Installing kmod-usbip-server (4.14.63-1) to root…
Downloading … kmod-usbip-server
Package kmod-usbip (4.14.63-1) installed in root is up to date.
Configuring kmod-usbip.
Configuring kmod-usbip-client.
Configuring kmod-usbip-server.

It seems to me that the files are missing:
ls: /lib/usbip: No such file or directory
ls: /usr/bin/usbip: No such file or directory

same here. i’v so far failed to find suitables packages to install with the latest version.