Mt300n-v2 VPN LED does not stay after reboot or VPN switch

mt300n-v2 with Version: 2.271 does not retain the settings for its middle LED after reboot or VPN on/off - the settings for the middle LED swithch to WiFi interface. Please, advise

So is any other things normal? Only LED changed?

Can you fix this in luci → system → LED?

@kyson-lok pls verify this problem.

yes, POWER_LED and WIFI_LED retain its default settings. Only the middle LED when configured to indicate VPN status resets itself after VPN off/on or reboot. middle LED resets to WWAN and no interface is being selected.

If you are experience in CLI, you can ssh to router, Edit /etc/init.d/startvpn, delete those lines:

if [ "$switch_disabled" != "1" ]; then
		uci set system.vpn='led'
		uci set system.vpn.default='0'
		uci set'vpn'
		uci set system.vpn.sysfs="$led"
		uci set system.vpn.trigger='netdev'
		uci set'tun0'
		uci set system.vpn.mode='link tx rx'
		uci commit system

Configuring the middle LED in luci again.

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works! tanks plot
PS: I so like this little toy!!