Mt300n-v2 VPN max speed

Hi, guys.

What is the max VPN speed you could get in Mt300n-v2? And what VPN service it was?

I tried Express VPN & NordVPN. I could get max 5-6 Mb/s (my normal speed is 100Mb up /100Mb down).

Maybe you have some tips how i can improve speed?

MT-300N-V2 with NORDVPN is ~10Mbits/sec, this speed is a function of which vpn server you connect to, which speedtest server you are testing with, and the time of day. I am in the east coast USA, the only time I get below 5Mbits/sec is choosing a vpn server in the west coast, I suggest you go to NORDVPN website and let them select the best server for you and run the test.

I have 20mbps up from my home broadband (PC based OpenVPN server) and managed 12mbps tops while streaming a full HD video. I’m happy enough with that.

I forgot to mention that my ~10Mbits/sec speed is with TCP, you’ll get 1 or 2 more Mbits/sec if you choose UDP, I read somewhere that UDP is not quite as secure as TCP.

UDP should be faster than TCP. This is what I read everywhere.

No idea why TCP is faster.

UDP isn’t “faster” than TCP. The short of it is that TCP has error detection and retry capabilities built in, while UDP does not. If you have zero network errors across the Internet, or can tolerate errors, then UDP will be faster.

VPN cannot tolerate errors, so UDP may be faster or slower or the same as TCP, depending on the error correction protocol implemented, latency, the number of errors, etc.

There are basically no differences between UDP and TCP in terms of security. Both have no concept of “security”. Security is handled at a higher protocol level.

Could it be that TCP requires a little more CPU processing than UDP, with CPU being the bottleneck in VPN speed, hence the difference in speed perception?

With that said, the MT300N-V2 with single 580MHz CPU gets ~10Mbits/sec, while the BL1300 with quad 717MHz CPU gets ~24Mbits/sec with the same setup. I wish GL-iNET will release a new BL1300 firmware for VPN to take advantage of the quad CPU. From what I see, VPN is a single core operation across most if not all routers.

OK. Surely will test difference between UDP and TCP. As TCP should be taken care by applications, openvpn itself doesn’t need TCP, right?